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CoWorker Hub is a shared office workspace located in Middlebury, CT that offers inexpensive office space, mentorship and community for freelancers, independent workers, small to medium businesses, innovators, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and work at home consultants or small business owners.  With members from different areas of industry this encourages collaboration, networking and mentoring between members.   We have amenities to help attain your goals.

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BEing part of the Coworker Hub Community

We are glad that you have chosen to be a part of our Fabulous Community!! Be ready to see results for your and your Company by being ready to….

BE yearning to work for yourself, but NOT by yourself so can use interaction
BE willing to meet others, say hi, be friendly, make friends, chip in or pitch in
BE open when you can (we know at times you might not be able to) to take part in impromptu and/or planned events
BE nice and eager to help everyone feel proud of our space and the people in it. We are inclusive and welcome everyone just as they are
BE prepared to work at a professional workspace you feel ownership of and a part of
BE prepared to get amazing results from laser focused work, high productivity, profitability, peace of mind, laughter with others, goodwill, and more!

Introducing Student Pods At Coworker Hub

Student Pods In Private Offices To Help Parents Be Productive And Children To Learn Well Safely

With the different Back-To-School rules for different towns, or even College Students this these times have been both overwhelming for Parents and their Children/The Students.  For those parents that might have Children learning remotely or a Combo-Remote-And-Onsite, we at Coworker Hub created Student Pods where we setup a Private office for a Student Pod.

A Student Pod: Is when either a Parent or small group of Parents come together to form a Pod (a small group) of Students/their Children to learn together with the help of a Tutor/Teacher/or Supervising Adult.

We a have created Student Pods to use Private offices space to help parents have a peace of mind, be more productive, while also having a well structured school day for their Children.   If the parent is with the child or the Tutor/Teacher helps your Child/Children either way the Child/Student is benefiting a lot by being able to focus on their work, while you too the parent get to be more productive too!

Note: Private Offices are only in our Middlebury Location.

What Gives You Peace Of Mind?:

  • Mental wellness for both parents and children to have structure, less distractions and feel organized and not overwhelmed
  • With this flexibility parents no longer have to settle for a basement, living room, garage, backyard, or other informal or insecure setting
  • Term Flexible: Are Flexible give parents the choices they need, with at least one- month Commitment, or for the whole school year – to book that time slot for your Pod
  • Time Flexible: Are Flexible with days and hours offered to suit Students, Parents & Tutors/Teachers
  • COVID-19 Safe: Depending on Size of Pod, Private office has space to allow Social Distancing; Provide Hand Sanitizer; Cleaning Stations all over the Space; Cleaned and Sanitized daily; We have a Touchless Thermometer too for temperatures; Masks on-site for anyone in the Pod that might have forgotten their Mask
  • Child Accommodations: We have added accommodations to allow for children (like Step Stools at the Sinks…etc.)
  • All Inclusive: Several Amenities for both young and adults: Print/Copy/Scan/Fax; Unlimited Drinks – Spring Water Cooler/Tea/Coffee
  • Parents have the flexibility to arrange for: The Tutor/Teacher or Supervisor that best suits and fits their needs & Budget
  • Pods are affordable – Cost starting from $149 per child & Tutor/or Adult.
  • We have Special Student Rates too!

Coworker Hub is dedicated do helping parents & Students in the community find solutions for their children’s class format and provide a space for more productivity for parents, while also giving everyone some peace of mind!

Call us to book a time at: 203-725-1186 | or Email: coworkerhub@yahoo.com

Entrepreneur Hub

Introducing Our Entrepreneur Hub here at Coworker Hub!

Visit Entrepreneur Hub page here to learn more.

Full Time Flex Desk

Special $99/ month
  • Flexible desk space
  • Mail receipt address available
  • Fast, secured, business class WiFi
  • Printing
  • Kitchen & bathroom
  • Complimentary Coffee and Tea bar
  • 4 hrs Conference Room use / month
  • Free Parking
  • Commitment of at least 6 months is preferred

Private Office

$500+/ month
  • Furnished Office w/ Modern desk + lockable drawers
  • Private lockable office
  • Side Chair & coat rack
  • Mail receipt address available
  • Fast, secured, business class WiFi
  • Printing
  • Kitchen & bathroom
  • Complimentary Coffee and Tea bar
  • 8 hrs Conference Room use / month
  • Free Parking

Dedicated Work Desk + Tall Storage Cabinets

$250/ month
  • Your Own Permanent Desk & Be able to leave your items at your desk
  • Tall storage cabinet for your coats/jackets & Books or Files
  • 6 Monthly Free Hours for Conference Rm use
  • Comes with many amenities
  • Fast, secured, business class WiFi
  • Print/Scan/Copy
  • Kitchen & bathroom
  • Complimentary Coffee and Tea bar
  • Free Parking
  • Monthly rate is good with us!

Private Day Office - Per Day

$50/ hour
  • The Flex office allows you privacy
  • Privacy for your: meeting, interview or focused work for the day.
  • Access to Fast, secured, business class WiFi
  • Several Amenities
  • Print/Scan/Copy (10 Print copies for the day)
  • Kitchen & bathroom
  • Complimentary Coffee and Tea bar
  • Free Parking
  • Monthly membership is good with us!

Not Ready to Commit Yet?

Day Pass/Drop-In

Visiting for a short term or need an escape for just a day?

Come hang with us!

Community Membership is Free!

We would love to have you be part of our community if you aren’t ready to join as a Full time or Part time member:

  • You will receive our email newsletter, notifictions of upcoming events and any special offers being given to the community at large.
  • You will easily upgrade your membership when you are ready!
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