As we remain hopeful about the COVID-19 continuing to decline in the state and worldwide, we welcome back our members and guests to Coworker Hub per the Governor’s Phase I re-opening plan for office businesses beginning May 20th.

We remain committed to the health of our community first and foremost, and will continue to monitor and adhere to all best-practices for minimizing the spread of COVID-19, while also supporting our community – our entrepreneurs, small business owners, nonprofit and other leaders.

As part of ways to provide safety and re-opening guidelines, we have provided PPE supplies at Cleaning Stations, or in specific places around the office space like sanitizer, disinfecting cleaners, and masks available for sale etc. We have made every attempt to provide proper Physical distancing for our work desks within the officespaces.

Please remember: a little caution and common sense are always the best course of action.​

We will require the following safety procedures until further notice:


Proposed Guidelines (To be Reviewed And updated as Needed or CT Guidelines Change

Lock down: Stay-At-Home Governor’s Order

(March 16 – May 20)

Non-Essential Workers were required to Work From Home (WFH) where possible, and Essential workers to work at their workplaces with Precautions taken

Essential workers whose offices/Workplace is Coworker Hub were required to take these precautions:

  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Keep at least 6 ft from other people
  • When in Public wear mask
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with tissue and throw it out in trash and wash your hands
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth
  • We Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Kitchen: We have changed over to disposable wares for the kitchen; we clean all surfaces at end of the day; We have napkins should anyone want to use those to touch shared surfaces
  • All In-person events and meetings were cancelled

Phase 1

May 20th

We have setup the Workspace according to the Governor’s Orders and Guidelines Plus we require that in additions to the above precautions you follow these as well:

  1.  To maintain 6 ft between members we have removed 50% of chairs or seats
  2.  The capacity of the Workspace has been cut to 50% capacity, and more space has been made available with with work desks to allow for the Physical distancing
  3.  Meetings/events are limited to no more than 10 people indoors;25 people outdoors
  4.  When in public and a 6 ft is unavoidable, Face  covering is required to be worn ** This doesn’t apply to people with medical conditions for whom a mask is a risk
  5.  Non-Essential items like magazines have been removed as high touch items
  6.  Sanitizer stations have been installed; Or Sanitizer bottles provided
  7.  Patients or Clients: We will ensure that all who come to the Hub are not sick; We ask members with Patients or Clients to also ensure that they are NOT sick when they come here
  8.  All Patients or Clients will wait in their cars to be received by their host (no waiting place at this time)
  9.  We require that when coming in to work, please reserve a desk on Coworker Hub  website as per the State Governor’s guidance we need to do tracing
  10. We ask that you please wipe down workstations and communal areas after use. 

Introduction Of New Memberships:  We introduced new Membership plans

  1. Many parents have had some difficulty with working at home with Kids and Home-Schooling: A New membership that allows a member to share it with their Spouse or family member: A Two for One membership to help 
  2. Some Part-time memberships
  3. Virtual membership
  4. Student Membership

Phase II Draft

June 17th

1) Indoor gathering remained the same as that for Phase 1 + All the same guidelines as in Phase 1 above

2) Meetings and events indoors capacity was increased to 25 people indoors

3) Meetings and events outdoors capacity of up to 100 people Outdoors

4) Outdoor Event Venues (e.g. Amphitheaters, Race Tracks) – 25% of Fire Capacity and distancing – Consistent with Outdoor Amusement Parks

5) Restaurants can serve indoors at the 50% capacity

6) Other businesses that opened were: Personal Services and businesses that have aggregates of people.

Effective July 3rd:

7) Outdoor private gatherings – 100 people, one time exception for Graduations @ 150 people

8) Outdoor organized gatherings (e.g. Fireworks, Concert in Municipal Park)  – 15 feet of space blanket to blanket, cap of 500 people.  Event organizer responsible for compliance with guidance

9) Outdoor Event Venues (e.g. Amphitheaters, Race Tracks) – 25% of Fire Capacity and distancing

Phase III Draft:

Preliminary: Mid-July (more to be announced or updated: TBD)

1) Indoor private gathering will increase to 50 people + All the same guidelines as in Phase 1 and Phase 2 above

2) Outdoor private gatherings (including graduations) increase to 250 people

3) Outdoor organized gatherings (e.g. Fireworks, Concert in Municipal Park)  – 15 feet of space blanket to blanket, no cap.  Event organizer responsible for compliance with guidance.

4) Outdoor Event Venues (e.g. Amphitheaters, Race Tracks) – 50% of Fire Capacity and distancing

Phase IV Draft

1) Return to allow full capacity for the office space returns

2) Meetings and events increase to full capacity