Origin Story

CoWorker Hub is my vision of a shared office workspace that came out of a need for myself and also to share with the community.

Our business was launched from a need for office space by our Co-founder/owner Rachel M. Keyser.  Rachel was/is an IT Consultant who works remotely and travels for most jobs.  Rachel couldn’t stand the seclusion and monotony of working from home. The coffee shops and libraries were miserable places for Rachel to work and be productive in.  Rachel didn’t have the need to meet clients, but Rachel visualized that a coffee shop would not be a professional space to meet business clients or peers.  Rachel wanted to create a space for herself and people like Rachel to be productive, for find a community of like-minded people to network with and to get he work done.  No more silo’s for Rachel.  Rachel set out to find a prime location and selected comfortable, eclectic and vibrant office furniture and furnishings.  Rachel created CoWorker Hub as a place for collaboration, growth and networking.  Rachel envisioned a setting whereby small business could grow and thrive in a way that meets their budget.  Rachel created affordable rates so individuals could launch a new business or grow and expand an existing one.  Rachel’s goal is to eradicate entrepreneurial isolation by providing a space for people working at their working mini economic development model whereby business can launch with little or no upfront capital infusion, we have offered growth potential for our members.  Included in our members is a Bookkeeper, two great homecare agencies, two Licensed professional Social Workers, a national private lines insurance company, a VP from a large CT based Insurance Provider, a products developer and a Student Consultant, and a CPR training company.  At least two of these great members started from a weekly or monthly flex membership and have grown their business enough to require our space to full time private office spaces.  We see our place at CoWorker Hub as the future of business and we provide memberships and tools to help people grow their business.  We encourage our members to share their particular business expertise with each other.  When coming through our doors, you may meet your next business partner or business support resource. Perhaps you need a Bookkeeper or a business that can take care of your aging mom or dad, so you can concentrate of your business while quality care is being provided.  Maybe you need some business insurance or to dust up your resume.  We foster networking and connecting business together to fit themselves with the right tools for advancement and achievement.

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