Hi! I'm Rachel Keyser

I am the Co-Founder and General Manager of CoWorker Hub, but before this I worked as a Sr. Healthcare Consultant for over 14 years. It was a blessing for me at first because I got to work with several great healthcare organizations in different parts of the country and was able to travel ALOT!

At first this was amazing, but gradually I wanted to be able get off of the “Road-Warrior” route and be able to spend more time with my family! So I started working more on remote projects where I could perform my work from home.

I have worked from home before. This time, however, being that I had moved to Connecticut only a few years ago. I didn’t have many friends or as big of a support group, and so the difference this time was that after several months of working from home, it started becoming **isolating for me*** and my mental wellness was suffering.  I longed to be able to do my work and also INTERACT WITH OTHER HUMANS!

Not only was I lonely, I began to realize I was not as productive either. You know when you say “let me wash these dishes quickly before I start my work day”, or “I’ll just throw in a load of laundry in”, or some other home chores.  So that by the time I started my work day, I would already be a bit behind, or the chores would interrupt my work day.

So with these challenges at the beginning of my work days, I started driving to different Cafes’ to try to go there and work with other people, believing that at the very least at least there will be people around me, even if a ‘Hello’ could have been all we spoke with to each other. After doing this the first few weeks, I faced couple of challenges with this too. Spotty internet connections, or even having to pay for WIFI or food at some locations. Loud coffee grinders, and other patrons, and many other distractions and limitations made this a not very good option either! I don’t even want to talk about using public restrooms. 

Eventually through searching it led me to learn about the concept of a ‘Coworking Space’ or ‘Shared Workspace’.  I looked more into this idea of a workspace, and researched deeper the benefits and how it could help me.

I learned that it is a professional workspace where one worked independently for themselves but NOT BY themselves so with other people.  That one also got to know other people – since they belonged to the workspace’s community or membership; that you could collaborate with them – those for whom you had some common ground or that you may need their help/input/or even services; and that you too could even find yourself giving/selling your services to them; and most of all that you could be even more productive this way.  I thought this has got to be my Saving Grace!

Next I searched to find out if there any here in my state of Connecticut, and I found that the closest to me was in New Haven which is about 45 minutes from my home.  I decided to go there to look at the space and find out more information about it. So I went there to find out and I was given a tour of the facility and learned that it was the first of its kind in this state of CT. 

After a few days working at this Coworking Space I loved the concept.  Not only were the people at the front desk welcoming, they introduced me to others that I would have something in common to talk to, at least for the start. I loved this idea of a workspace.

I decided then, that if I needed this space myself, there had to be others in the community facing the same challenges I am facing and that would also want this same concept of a workplace. I started doing a ton a research into what it would take to open one of these myself and eventually found myself looking at different Commercial spaces settled on one in the town of Middlebury, CT.

I then told my husband and partner about this idea after everything was ready to go, and eventually he was on-board.  We self funded from our savings, and signed the lease on the Commercial space and as they say the rest is history… We eventually expanded into the space next to us that became available a few months later.

Be Productive. Find Community. Work Here.

Since opening this Shared workspace, it has created many benefits for me and our member community alike, for: better mental health wellness by not working in isolation but with a community of other members; collaboration with others both for business and personal; being more productive with work or tasks to do; making friends this way or even just getting to know more people; business growth – we have had members that out-grew us; being able to meet with your clients in a more professional space; and for others getting inspiration to start their own businesses (side hustle or full-time business) after working as a remote worker/employee.

We believe we can exist without the physical space, and so it is all about our Community at Coworker Hub.  With my husband and Co-Founder, we assist our members and the community at large with fostering a community here at Coworker Hub, while also helping them with anything they need.  


Our mission therefore is to create a community of people that work together as coworkers, working for themselves but not by themselves within an inspiring workspace environment that enhances their creativity to be the most productive, grow their businesses, while fostering a sense of community.


Our Vision is to be a partner and a catalyst for the betterment of our Commmunities; for the growth of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem within the Communities we serve; and to empower people towards more economical growth for themselves and the Communities as a whole.

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Why We Created Our Community

Pain-Points and needs that led to or lead to the creation of a Shared Workspace Community:

  • Isolation due to working at home or remotely with no one to interact with, and so mental wellness not being fully supported
  • Distractions from home chores as you work from home
  • Distractions at home like: Human and Fur babies (pets)
  • Lack of enough work space at home
  • Distractions while working in and/or from Cafés
  • Loss of productivity due to distractions at Cafés
  • Loss of prodcutivity due to inconsistent WiFi
  • Loss of productivity due to having to drive to different places looking for good reliable WiFi
  • Loss of productivity while in Cafes’ due to having to pack and upack one’s belongings to use the bathroom or even step outside to take calls away from noise…etc
  • Need to meet with clients in a Professional Workspace and environment with Privacy and less noise and distractions
  • As a member that clients will find them at the same officeplace everytime, without driving all over the place
  • Inspiration to start a business: Side Hustle or full-time
  • Saving costs on a traditional commercial office space (One bill is paid that includes all utilities, and other costs, no deposits…etc.)
  • Having a shorter commute for those that work far from their homes to their work: Remote Workers
  • Needing to work at a place that was not only condusive to work, but that also the environment (deco, Inspirational words) inspires great work
  • Needing to work at a place where I would get to know people better and forge friendships
  • Needing to work at a place that had clean bathrooms
  • Needing to work at a place that I could go to the bathroom without the fear of leaving my belongings at my desk and know that I will find them when I get back
  • Needing to work at a place that I didn’t have to pack, and unpack my belongs from my bag when I was going to step away
  • Then post COVID-19 those that would like to/or need to get relief of Working From Home
  • Needing to work at a place I consider “A Home Office Away From Home”, and designing this space for our Community to feel ‘Home Away From Home’ as they work at the Hub
  • Having a peace of mind knowing that they will have a seat when they get to the Hub, they will have reliable WiFi and outlet to plug into, plus Free Coffee/Tea to boot when they come to their ‘Home Away From Home Office’
  • Knowing that they are saving some $$ coin all around because:
  • You pay only one All-Inclusive payment, 
  • No need to buy coffee/tea because its free & bottomless
  • Your office is near home
  • No need to waste gas and time driving around everywhere to meet clients: Clients meet you at your officeplace always!