Virtual Events

In this era and New Normal of the COVID-19 Era many of us if not all of us have moved all events to virtual events and online.

We are all using different platforms for these online events to hold events, workshops, training webinars, conferences and all different types of events.  At the same time as always there are people that will want to take advantage of this new normal and this pauses the Security of these online events for some platforms (more than others as others were secure to begin with), and also due to the CARES ACT – The COVID-19 Stimulus people including myself have received several fraudulent emails of ** Checks in the mail **, or ** asking for file for me in one of the Stimulus programs ** which we all have to be very careful about.

This Webinar was done by: Bill Becker a Cyber-security Consultant who is review different aspects of online security. You will learn about the highlighted points below:

  • Summary of Best Online Event Platforms + Security
  • Zoom Security & Privacy
  • COVID-19 Fraud & Phishing
  • Tips to protect Yourself

The Summary of Webinar Slide-deck presentation is attached.

To view the Video please click here as we couldn’t upload it here to the blog.

Enjoy the Video webinar and also the Slide-deck, and please take notes and tips to follow to keep your online events and yourself secure.

Remember to take time for Self Care!

With love and light!

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